Housing Boom could be coming soon


The long-battered housing market is finally starting to get back on its feet. But some experts believe it could soon become another housing boom.

Signs of recovery have been evident in the recent pick ups in home priceshome sales and construction. Foreclosures are also down and the Federal Reserve has acted to pushmortgage rates near record lows.

Tips for Saving

Saving money for a downpayment is a very worthy goal. Homeownership has been shown to be a good long-term investment that creates family and community stability. 

First, be realistic about your current expenses. Take a few weeks to a month to track every expenditure. If you use a debit card for every purchase, you may already be able to go into last month’s records for a break-down. Divide expenses into columns: rent/mortgage, groceries, household expenses, travel, fuel, dining out, entertainment, clothing, etc.

Now, align that list with your monthly income. Are you sending out more than you’re taking in? Today’s economy is not a time to be cutting it close. If homeownership is truly a goal, then you should make sure that you are saving all you can.

Decide what things can be done without. Are you overspending on dining out or going to movies? Try to find alternatives that cost less or content yourself with home-cooked goodness and Netflix! A typical night out can cost anywhere from $50 to $100. If you save that money each week it adds up to $2,600 to $5,200 a year!

The same goes for cable or satellite TV. Many people pay tons each month for their beloved channels. At $100 a month, that adds up to $1,200 a year.

Start a savings account that is specifically for your downpayment. Put money in it at the beginning of each pay period. We tend to spend a dollar here or a dollar there when we have it accessible in our daily accounts. Be tough on yourself and transfer the funds to savings as soon as you have them. Then watch them grow!

Find other ways to save on money. Some families shop sales and with coupons. It’s time downgrade other parts of your life. Do you really need a luxury car and latest fashions or will a cheaper model and recycled fashions be sufficient?

Many companies offer family plans, such as gyms and cell phone providers. Credit card companies may be willing to negotiate a lower rate on your balances. Be willing to talk to companies to see what deals they offer!

The act of savings can be hard in our society. Everything we “want” is right at our fingertips, either down the block or on the Internet. The key to reaching your goal is to keep your focus. It will be worth it!….Keep your eye on the prize I always say, and when I do, I see the benefits. Some ways I save is to use the zoo book, shop on clearence racks, shop at discount stores and at the resturants I like, I go for lunch, this saves me money and I get to enjoy the menu for way less than Dinner time prices. I’d like to hear from you, Share with me your “ways to save”.

Buying and Selling in a slow Market

Keys for Buying and Selling when the Market is slow

It’s a whole new world for home buyers. So, how do you make a smart purchase? You can find some excellent bargains but you still need to do some work. Rushing into purchases without thoroughly researching the homes history will cause you to spend more money than you intended and this will cause you to have buyer’s remorse after your purchase.

Get help if you need it. Don’t assume you can do it all on your own. Don’t skip doing a thorough investigation because you don’t know how or don’t have the time. A house is most people’s largest purchase. You do not want your dream home becoming a nightmare. Get professionals to inspect the house, the deed, the neighborhood, if you can’t or don’t have the time or experience. This is where a first-class real estate professional can help, both with knowledge of the neighborhood and the homes, as well as recommending professionals for the other tasks. It is my opinion that you have a real estate professional to assist you with your home purchase, he or she can give you info on the market, homes history and the solds and current sales of homes in that neighborhood. Are you looking to buy or sell a home? who do you know that is looking to buy or sell a home? contact me, I’d love to assist you with your home purchase.

Being in a state of Content

I have always really wondered if being content meant, stating where you are or if it meant, just be happy with what you have, where you are and don’t complain. But with much thought, reading and really taking the time to understand, I’ve gotten a better understanding of what it means to be content. after you read the points, I’m curious to know what your thoughts on..Being content?

Here are a few points to ponder about how to be content (we’ll cover more next week):

  1. Contentment is a state of mind. It is being satisfied and at peace with where you are; even when, especially when you are not where you want to be.
  2. One must “learn” to be content: Our natural state is not one of being happy where we are because our flesh always wants more, more, more. Contentment is being able to master your fleshly desires and is evidence that you live your life by the Spirit of God.
  3. Contentment requires patience: While where we are in our lives is the sum total of our decisions, ultimately God is in control. Being content requires us to be patient in our life’s journey and enjoy the ride. We must realize that God’s grace is enough to help us bear the circumstances that caused us to be discontented in the first place.
  4. Being impatient and discontented doesn’t solve anything. It will not change your situation any quicker or supply your needs any faster. We must learn to trust the providence of God and know that your life will unfold as it should. Our job is just to keep moving forward.



Enjoy the Seasons Activities

Take some time to enjoy the sights and especially the sounds of the season. Here’s some local venues to make your way to for some joyous and uplifting music:

Nov. 30 – Dec. 8:  Holiday Concert and Food-raiser:    http://www.indyarts.org/calendar.aspx?id=13452

Dec. 2:  Butler Wind Ensemble Holiday Concert and Dec. 8 is the Butler School of Music Concert : Butler University at 4600 Sunset Avenue

Dec. 2: A Very Merry Meridian Christmas:  http://meridianstreet.org/

Daily concerts at the Artsgarden at Circle Center:  http://www.indyarts.org/artsgarden.aspx

Nov. 30 – Dec. 31:  Events at the Indiana State Museum (some are free, some have admission fee): http://www.indianamuseum.org/visit/events/index.asp?eventtypeid=5

I plan to take advantage of this seasons activities, will you?


What are you most thankful for?

I would say that I’m much thankful for so so many things, Health, strength, being in my right mind, loving family and friends, freedom, the brave men and women who protect this country, who leave their family’s so that I can be with mine,  I can sleep at night because these brave men and women are standing on the front line’s because they love this country. I’m most grateful that I have a loving healthy husband, daughter.  Most grateful for my church family, co-workers and clients who are sharing, caring and want to see me grow in my business, most grateful for doctors, lawyers, judges, firefighters, counselors, nurses, policeman, ambulance workers, prayer partners, pastors, teachers, beauticians, trash men, janitors, gas workers, IpL workers, water workers, daycare providers, bus driver’s, school teachers, tutors, stay at home moms, investor’s, brokers, cashier’s, nosy neighbors, managers, missionaries. I hope you see my point, I’m much grateful for all the people who do their best to make this world a better place.

When I think of what I’m most grateful for, I just keep going on and on because there is so much to be grateful for, I’m most grateful  for the one who instilled so much into me, values, virtues, character, and Christ, because he lives in me I’m grateful!! Thank you Mrs. Dorothy, you are loved..RIP






“Life has many ways of testing a person’s will/faith/strength or character, either by having nothing happen at all, or having everything happen all at once”.

The three reasons Sellers aren’t getting their house ready for buyers

First, they don’t believe it makes a difference. they think their house will sell itself, so the extra investment seems like a waste of money. A coat of paint would make a difference!

Second, they don’t think there’s a problem, it’s often difficult to convince smokers and pet owners that their homes don’t smell like roses.  “Some sellers don’t realize it smells because they’re so used to it, or else they don’t think it’s a big deal “But it’s a huge deal to buyers.”

Third, they think they don’t have the money. Remember the clients that got $20,000 less than list price?  That it wasn’t until they were all at the closing table that they finally admitted to her that they didn’t have the money to make her suggested improvements. “Some sellers don’t want to admit that they don’t have money on hand, but I can’t help them if they aren’t willing to talk about it.”

So how can you avoid these problems and sell your house quickly (and for list price)?  Call me and let’s talk about it!